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CIMTB Stage 2 | ASW athletes in the best positions


The second stage of the International MTB Cup (CIMTB) was a great advantage for the ASW athletes. Demanding a lot of technique and experience, the circuit located at the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) was a show with many spectators. Check out how ASW athletes have developed:

Mário Couto, athlete of the sub23, once again demonstrated great performance. On Saturday, Mário joined his team mates and did a great job helping the trio Sense Factory Racing to win 3 of the top 5 places in the overall Short Track standings, where the rider finished in 5th place. In Sunday’s XCO race, Mário gave no chances for his opponents in the sub23 category and dominated the race from end to end, winning and maintaining himself as the leader of his category. It is worth mentioning the great 9th place in the super elite, which can be considered an excellent result for an athlete who is in his second year in the sub23 category.

Giuliana Morgen, better known as Giugiu, the youngest of the Sense Factory Racing Team is one of the great sensations of the Brazilian MTB. The 14-year-old raced in the sub19 Sense Cup on Saturday and once again demonstrated all her technique and strength. Giugiu won in her category and in addition reached all the boys who left in her battery two minutes ahead, being also the first placed general in the race.

Feeling totally recovered from the accident suffered in the first stage of CIMTB in Araxá, Guilherme Muller had a great performance in the two days of races. On Saturday, in a team work done with his teammates, won the 3rd place in the Short Track, after a final Sprint decided at the finish line, and on Sunday made a brilliant race, reaching the 4th position in the second stage of CIMTB . Guilherme maintains total focus for the Brazilian Cup matches on June 24 in Goiânia and the Brazilian XCO Championship that will take place in São Paulo on July 22.

Rubinho Valeriano, owner of one of the biggest fanbase of the Brazilian MTB, did not disappoint anyone. In the hard trails of Ouro Preto, Rubinho put all his technique in action and, then, guaranteed expressive results. On Saturday he won the 4th place in the Short Track after a praised team work done with his teammates Mário Couto and Guilherme Muller and on Sunday won the 5th place in the Super Elite, proving to be one of the most complete MTB athletes of Brazil ever.

In addition to the Sense Factory Racing athletes, more ASW athletes were able to get the best seats at the event:

• José Gabriel, from Groove Bikes, 10th in the Men’s Elite;
• Sherman Trezza of Cannondale Brasil Racing, 6th in the Men’s Elite;
• Lukas Kaufmann of Cannondale Brasil Racing, 7th in the Men’s Elite;
• Viviane Favery, from Cannondale Brasil Racing, in 3rd place in Women’s Elite;
• Marcela Lima, 2nd in the Junior girls’ category.

Credits: Thiago Lemos

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