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Turn into the leader brand of cycling and motorcycling gear of the national market, with international distribution, becoming a worldwide reference.


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In the early 80’s, the brothers Paulo and Dimas Mattos, with great passion for the off-road culture, spent nights idealizing the possibility of starting a brand that offers great motorcycling gear at a fair price.
Seizing a good opportunity of business and starting the pursuit of his dream, Paulo resigned his engineering job at Embraer and did the first investments on his newborn brand: AERO. Before long, Dimas sold his dealership Agrale and joined his brother.

Product of a lot of sleepless nights and the huge passion that the Mattos brothers felt for motorcycling, the Aero Sport Wear brand was born, later becoming ASW Racing.

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Time has passed, the sport has evolved and so did ASW. Great international partnerships have been established with the objective of expanding the national distribution channel. The Silva Mattos & Co. LTDA, owner of the ASW brand, turned out to be the exclusive distributor of the leading international brands in Brazil, becoming a reference.
Going through a great moment on the off-road market, the company started investing in new segments, such as cycling, at the 00’s. The expansion of the products portfolio and the selling’s growth demanded a evolution, principally, on the production processes, resulting on the enlargement of the factory and growth of the investments on high technology machines.
These modifications influenced directly on the gear quality improvement, taking ASW on a new and higher level.



ASW is on a new perspective by the second generation of the Mattos family: more modern and more inspiring.
With a 100% national product design, a greater attention was given to the product development. A new concept and a new logo are a new step on the ASW history.
Traditionally, great athletes participate of the development and evolution of the products. With a great marketing strategy, ASW positions itself as the national market main brand.
The two wheels passion has grown and our perspective is about expanding horizons and sharing this feeling with the whole world.
Nowadays, Silva Mattos distributes ASW Racing, LeattProtectives and Louis Garneau products in Brazil.

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