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ASW Athletes in the Podium of the Abierto Across Internacional 2018


The first major South American MTB event had Brazilian athletes as a highlight. Guilherme Muller, from the Sense Factory Racing Team, crossed the finish line in second place. For the Cannondale Racing Brazil team, Lukas Kaufmann finished fifth, Sherman Trezza ninth and Viviane Favery eighth in the women’s category.
Rubinho Valeriano, also from the Sense Factory Racing Team, was in third place, but lost his position due to a flat tire in the third lap.

2018-02-12-PHOTO-00000642Lukas Kaufmann (créditos: UBICE)

2018-02-12-PHOTO-00000640Sherman Trezza (créditos: UBICE)

“It was a great start to the season for me. The weather here in Salsipuedes, in the Córdoba region, surprised everyone. The temperature dropped dramatically and it was very cold, never before in my career had I competed in such cold weather as here. The rain left the circuit with a lot of mud.”, said Guilherme Muller.

20180204_2235_Sense_Camp_web1920Guilherme Muller (créditos: Pedro Cury)

“It was an extremely hard race. I was warmed up, but with the change of weather and the rain at the start, I did not start well. This first race of the year served to wake me up and show me how mountain biking really is. Now we to have work ahead, to work the weaknesses in the training, aiming at the next competitions.”, said Viviane Favery.

2018-02-12-PHOTO-00000641Viviane Favery (créditos: UBICE)

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