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ASW Bike 19: We Are Specialists In Cyclists


August was marked as a month of great news for ASW and, consequently, for the national cycling market. With the first wave of the 19 collection released earlier this month, the brand now comes with news in its lines and partnerships.

In a unique and pioneering event with the participation of athletes, bike shops and the press, ASW developed a presentation that contained explanations about its innovations in the Bike 19 line, the distribution of Garneau and its new position as partner and distributor of Alpinestars in Brazil. All this was complemented by a fashion show of the new gear with some of the brand athletes.

Rubinho Valeriano, a Sense Factory Racing team athlete, wearing the ASW Active Scratch jersey and the ASW Active Scratch bib shorts.

Mario Couto, a Sense Factory Racing team athlete, wearing the ASW Crosswalk jersey and the ASW Active Race bib shorts.

Viviane Favery, a Cannondale Brasil Racing team athlete, wearing the ASW Active Indian jersey and the ASW Active Indian shorts.

Lukas Kaufmann, a Cannondale Brasil Racing team athlete, wearing the ASW Active Lullabies jersey and the ASW Active Race bib shorts.

Patricia Loureiro and Bia Ferragi commenting on the ASW Active 19 line.

Loris Verona Jr., Commercial Manager of ASW’s Bike Division.

We’ve taken a new step in the cycling market: raising the standards for product development and service to cyclists and shopkeepers. We want more and more to have the perception of our product development DNA, aggressive marketing and incentive to the sport.
ASW gained even more strength by bringing Alpinestars to Brazil. Producing in here with the authorization of these partners means a tropicalization of products and better service to the national public, which makes us strategically very well consolidated in the market.
ASW By My Way, ASW’s customization department, is very strong as well. Investments in new products and new modeling are being made, so we will have many new features in 2018 and 2019.
We are prepared to attend all the bands of the market. A shop can only work with ASW, Garneau and Alpinestars and it will be attending the whole market. We are also a business solution.“, says Loris.

The main element of a cyclist’s clothing is the pad, considering the time that the athlete spends sitting on saddle. As a primary support base, it is important that the pad ensures comfort, accompanies movements, has durability and guarantees prevention for a healthy pedalling life.
Considering this, ASW made a point of innovation bringing the Berenis Power Pro pads system to its Active line.

The Power Pro pad ensures:

• High protection for all types of activities;
• Comfort and freedom of movement thanks to its elasticity;
• Specific design for both female and male anatomy;
• Extremely lightweight construction with pre-shaped edges;
• Null friction in the junction areas of the different foams;
• Extra-soft Elite surface;
• Ventilation, absorption and quick drying thanks to its perforated foam.

Combined with this pad, the ASW Active 19 lycras provide high visual appealing graphics and structural specifications that make them unique, such as:

• Intelligent combination of fabrics for protection and lightness;
• Emana Rhodia with Infrared technology: better circulation during activity and better post-activity recovery.
• Solar Protection Factor 50;
• Silicone grips on the bars;
• Precise cut with delicate and resistant seams;
• Sublimated panels that don’t allow graphic fading.

To complete the innovation cycle of ASW’s premium line, the jerseys pass through the following evolutions:

• Combination of extremely lightweight fabrics;
• Precise cut with delicate and resistant seams;
• Highly ventilated and absorption with quick drying;
• Intelligent zipper;
• Solar Protection Factor 50;
• Application of silicone grips on the sleeves and the lower back.
• New inclined pockets that allow easy access and provide security in the carrying of objects thanks to the intelligent zipper;
• Sublimated panels that don’t allow graphic fading.

Another innovation is the ASW Kali line of jerseys, which, along with the Ride Shorts, offers a perfect fit for athletes of all styles, ensuring durability and comfort. The Kali line is marked by a sober and sophisticated style thanks to the combination of different panels of fabrics and the discreet pocket integrated to the piece.

Yuri Bogner with the ASW Kali jersey and ASW Ride shorts.

Note that this set completes the list of ASW options for those who are looking for equipments to practice the 3 main modalities of cycling: Road, XC and Gravity.

Alpinestars: a new ASW partner

That Silva Mattos is a great distributor is no news, given his work in the last years with Garneau. The great news is that the brand is now the distributor and official supplier of Alpinestars in Brazilian territory, which takes the area of ​​influence of the ASW to new levels. The partnership is in the making of clothing for Alpinestars, as well as distribution of protective equipment

Yuri Bogner with a Alpinestars set, gloves and protection.

The event, which took place on Tuesday (28), was one of the highlights of the Brazilian cycling market in the year of 2018. The presence of high level athletes was recorded by the main media of the market, also present , as well as a lot of exchange of information and partnerships that bring evolution to the national cycling section.

Stay tuned for more news from ASW’s Bike division, as the collection still promises many new features, beyond what has already been revealed.
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