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ASW at the top of the podium of the Brazilian Enduro FIM


Patos de Minas (MG) – The Brazilian Enduro Championship FIM celebrated the champions of the 2018 season in the final, which ended on Sunday (30) in Patos de Minas (MG). Seven rounds were taken to define the winners of all categories in a year marked by success and many achievements on and off the tracks. The highlight was the capixaba Bruno Crivilin (Orange BH KTM Racing team), who took home the E1 and Enduro GP classes – spotted as the fastest in the competition.

Mauricio Brandão, organizer of the event and director of the modality in the Brazilian Motorcycle Federation (CBM), had the feeling of accomplishment. “The Brazilian Enduro FIM has achieved prominence in the sport scenario in general in 2018, far beyond the motorcycle enviroment. This shows that the evolution and the strength of the championship increase every year, “he explained.

According to the leader, there are plenty of reasons to continue investing in the modality. “We have achieved great results, which makes us dream bigger for the future. The goal is to improve progressively. We will further lapse the championship to 2019, always giving special attention to the new talents, so that there is renewal in the sport. As already occurred in 2018 and in previous years, we want to work hard to open doors and add more participants to the Brazilian Enduro FIM, “concluded Brandão.

Check out who the Brazilian 2018 champions are and what they said:

Credits: Rogério Leite


Bruno Crivilin (categories E1 and Enduro GP / Orange BH KTM Racing team) – “Since 2014 a Brazilian does not win the general classification of the championship, which is now the Enduro GP. I am very happy to have brought this title back to Brazil. Of the seven valid tests, I won six, so it was a great year. The Orange BH KTM Racing team has done an incredible job and has to be congratulated. The combination was perfect between team, structure and riders, and the results appeared. It is also important to highlight the support of family, girlfriend, friends and everyone who is always by my side. In five years racing the Brazilian, I won four cups and I want more in 2019. ”

Credits: Fred Mancini


Vinícius Calafati (category E2 / Orange BH KTM Racing team) – “After two titles at EJúnior, this was my first cup in the E2 category. It was a very good year, a lot of work alongside the Orange BH KTM Racing team, and the effort was rewarded. I felt like I have evolved as a rider, I knew how to attack at the right time and I am very happy. ”

Credits: Fred Mancini


Rômulo Bottrel (category E3 / team Yamaha O2 BH Racing) – “It was my Brazilian five-time title in the most difficult year of my career. I hurt my shoulder earlier in the season and I ran into the race, meaning I suffered a lot. I am very happy and proud to deliver this title to the Yamaha O2 BH Racing logo in the team debut season. Now I will devote myself totally to the treatment of the shoulder to return well in 2019 ”

 Credits: Janjão Santiago


Tiago Wernersbach (category E4 / Honda Moto Litoral team) – “The year was great and very competitive. I tried to improve during the season, I trained a lot and the bike also helped, since it turned the year without giving any type of problem. Being two-time E4 champion is too good and I intend to defend the title next year. I want to thank everyone on the team and the sponsors, without them I would not be here. ”

Credits: Rogério Leite


Patrik Capila (EJunior category / Yamaha O2 BH Racing team) – “I came from Motocross and started competing in the Enduro FIM two years ago, without doubt today is the mode that I like the most. Yamaha O2 BH Racing gave me a great chance to be part of the team and with a lot of fighting and dedication the title came in. The bike helped a lot, as did all the team members. victory”.

Pélmio Simões (category E45 / Yamaha team O2 BH Racing) – “I was looking for my fourth Brazilian title and I managed, thank God. I started the year well, with new bike and team, and I came with a good advantage for the final stage. The work of Yamaha O2 BH Racing was fundamental to the result. ”

Marcos Benvenutti (category E50 / team Sócramento) – “After 35 years of riding my bike, I can celebrate my first Brazilian title. It’s never late! It was hard to get here, but with team Sócramento it was a lot of fun too. Our goal is to always encourage the sport safely on the tracks, we are very happy with the results. ”

Gabriel Bellaver (category EAmador / team Sócramento) – “I have been riding my bike for two and a half years and it is the first time that I run in all stages of the Brazilian Enduro FIM. I did not imagine being a champion right away and I’m very happy. The Sócramento team provided a lot of support throughout the year. ”


The Brazilian Endurance Championship FIM 2018 is sponsored by Rinaldi, Yamaha, ASW, Tech Ride, Edgers, MR Pro Braces, Jeri Aventure Ride, Sacramento KTM, O2BH Yamaha, Motorex and Sig Visual.

Cover photo credits: Janjão Santiago
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