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ASW Racing & Bike It Dixon Racing Team Kawasaki: A New Partnership



The expansion movement of ASW Racing as an internationalized Brazilian brand is continuous. The company, which has a long tradition of supporting the presence of Brazilian athletes in international competitions and has presence in various parts of Latin America, is now the official sponsor of the English team Bike It Kawasaki Dixon Racing Team.

“This is a very important step for ASW. Our vision of becoming a global reference is now taking shape. A long and huge project starts as well as possible and we are very proud to be part of the Bike It Kawasaki Dixon Racing Team, which has everything to become a promising partnership. Yes, it is a dream, and we know that with our potential we will be able to make it come true and we will go even further.” Says Leandro Mattos, General Director of ASW Racing.

The Bike It Kawasaki Dixon Racing Team is established in Hampshire, UK, and it was created in 2002 by Steve Dixon, a well known professional in the off road world who now is the chief manager of the team.


Confirmed at the MXGP 2018, the Bike It Kawasaki Dixon Racing Team consists of two riders:

Johanes_Duarte_5006Credits: Johanes Duarte

• Tommy Searle, an 28 year old english rider in the MX1 category, who had 15 MXGP Overall victories in the MX2 category, won the Brittish Championship MX1 category in 2016 and is also a three times runner-up at the MX2 category of the World Championship.

Show_RadicalCredits: Show Radical

• Darian Sanayei, a 21-year-old American rider who has been 20 times amateur champion in his home country, runner-up in the MX2 category of the European Championship, and, in the last year, he finishedat the eleventh place in the MX2 MXGP.

In order to welcome the team, ASW Racing organized an event at ASW Off Road Park, in which a press conference was organized, with a few laps to show the riders on the track.

Johanes_Duarte_4863Credits: Johanes Duarte

“The investment in a motocross world team, besides being the fulfillment of a dream, is also a great learning of development for the brand and a crucial stage of the commercial plan of exportation. The commercial objective is to continue the expansion in Latin America. We will take the same products that are available in our dealers here in Brazil, so that our consumer will know that the same product he is using on the brazilian tracks will be lining up at the gate of the MXGP.
Our Dixon Team presentation event in Mogi was memorable. A great pride to be Brazilian and see through the athletes that our country and our industry are able to make a high level motorcycling. Thank you to all those who were here with us.”, Says Fernando Silvestre, commercial director of ASW Racing.

Johanes_Duarte_4993Credits: Johanes Duarte

Now, the focus of the Bike It Kawasaki Dixon Racing Team along with ASW Racing is the MXGP. The riders are ready for the championship, which starts this Saturday (03/03), in Argentina.

Johanes_Duarte_4847Credits: Johanes Duarte

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