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ASW in Europe for the MXON 2017


The international steps of ASW are solid as the 2018 collection. Europe is the new expansion foccus and the products will be available, with a showroom and a full stock, sonn in England.


The MXON, a huge event on the european market with an over 72.000 people crowd, hosted the first ASW presentation.

A stand showing the products of the new collection, promotional material, a book of the brand’s history (also available at https://tinyurl.com/yard9q9h) and a double paged ad on the official MXON magazine.


“It’s a dream that’s coming true. I’m aware of our potential and we are just at the beginning. Step by step, we’ll work a lot, so we can reach our goals and turn ourselves into a world reference brand. A lot of cool stuff are about to come and that really cheers us up.”, says Leandro Mattos, ASW Racing Director.

“It was a great experience with a lot of learning. The acceptance were bigger than we could ever imagine. For this new phase, we couldn’t expect better results.”, said Fernando Silvestre, ASW Racing commercial director.


“Participating of a world level race was really important so we could refine our marketing style. The brazilian team worked really hard for a classification. They were warriors. I want to congratulate everyone who is envolved with the brazilian team.”, finishes Nayra Vilardi, ASW Racing marketing director.


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