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ASW athletes dominate first stage of the CIMTB


With the presence of the main athletes from Latin America and the huge crowd, the first stage of CIMTB was considered a success. The event, which for the Elite categories took place in three stages, from Friday, April 13 to Sunday 15/04, with the first day being a time trial on the XCO track, the second day a Short Track and the third one test of XCO, demanded much of the technical qualities and of the physical preparation of each athlete.

Giugiu – the young athlete Giuliana Salvini Morgen, only 14 years old, considered one of the greatest promises of the Brazilian MTB, won her sixth race in 6 races in the 2018 season. She was tired, due to the Pan-American MTB race in Colombia. champion, Giugiu left strong and, on the second lap, opened a good gap for his opponents, guaranteeing the victory of the sub19 category.

Giugiu Thiago LemosPhoto: Thiago Lemos

Mário Couto – Team Sense Factory Racing rider made an amazing race on Sunday. He dropped among the top 15 in the super elite and ran the entire race with the Elite squad. From the 3rd lap, Mário set a strong rhythm and moved up several positions, finishing the XCO test in the first place of the sub23 category and 11th overall in the super elite. It is worth remembering that the athlete also participated in the 3 days and finished in the 14th place overall, in the sum of the stages.

Rubinho e Mario Thiago LemosPhoto: Thiago Lemos

Rubinho Valeriano – At 38 and tired of his trip to the Pan-American MTB Championship in Colombia, the rider from Poços de Caldas showed why he is known as R1. During the 3 days of competitions Rubinho demonstrated great performance and was among the first places in all classifications. In the XCO event held on Sunday 14/04, R1 showed all its value and won the 6th overall position, being acclaimed by the fans, who packed the Grande Hotel de Araxá. In addition to the times of the 3 days, Rubinho also won the 6th overall position.

Guilherme Muller – currently in 4th place in the Pan-American MTB Championship, held in Colombia on 08/04, Guilherme Muller suffered an accident during the training, which took him out of the race. But it was nothing serious and the athlete now starts to prepare for the World Cup stages of Germany and Czech Republic in May.

In the Girls’ Super Elite category, Viviane Favery of Cannondale Factory Racing was in 8th place. In the men’s, Sherman Trezza (Vivi’s teammate) was in 10th place and Groove Bikes’ Daniel Grossi in 8th place. Daniel’s teammate, José Gabriel, got the 9th place.

Cover photo: Pedro Cury

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