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ASW Riders are the main winners of the Brazilian Enduro Championship


ASW riders celebrate their victories of the last weekend’s event (14 and 15) at Farroupilha (Rio Grande do Sul). It was a seven stage season with a lot of effort of the pilots and a huge evolution of the racing genre in Brazil.

The portuguese rider Luís Oliveira, from the Honda Racing Team, shows a lot of technique again and gets the 1st place on both E1 and Enduro GP categories, overcoming the adverse track situation.

brenduro7_oliveira_fredmanciniLuís Oliveira

Only 18 years old, Patrik Capila gets to the 2nd place of the E1 category, right behind Luís. This was his first full season and he faced an advanced category, the riders shows his evolution on 2017.

Patrik CapilaPatrik Capila

As usual, Bruno Crivilin also made the great: now he’s the champion of the E2 category. He did history on his 2017 season and ends it on the best possible way. Júlio Ferreira, Luís Oliveira’s teammate, got the 2nd place on the E2 category.

Bruno Crivilin 001Bruno Crivilin

Who also has a lot to celebrate is Rômulo Bottrel. He leaves Farroupilha with another victory on the category and his 9th national title (this was his 4th on the Brazilian Enduro Championship). He’s also a champion of the Cross Crountry tournament (three times) and the Supermotard (twice).
Pelmio Carvalho completes the victorious moment of the Orange BH KTM Team with the E45 category 1st place.

Rômulo BottrelRômulo Bottrel

As the icing on the cake for the ASW riders, Tiago Wernersbach wins the E4 category and Vinícius Musa gets the the 2nd place at the EJ category.

Photography Credits: Idário Araújo/Fred Mancini/Janjão Santiago/Orange BH

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