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Bruno Crivilin is in the 8th place of the Enduro World Championship


A tough race, worthy of a World Cup stage. But that with the changes of the climate, it became even more demanding. This was the general opinion of all the riders who were in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, for the World Enduro Championship race.

On Saturday, the race was already very demanding and with each turn, it got more complicated because of the holes that appeared in the course with the passage of motorcycles. Part of the way already had plenty of water and puddles, requiring riders to be very careful. The brazilian Bruno Crivilin, of the Orange BH KTM Racing Team managed to print a good pace on the first day and had no major difficulties.

If in the Enduro Test and Extreme Test he could get a good rhythm, it was in the Cross Test that the Brazilian stood out against the best riders in the world – even made the second time in this special course, in his category. At the end of the Saturday stage, he finished eighth in his category, the Enduro Junior 1- EJ1.

The expectation for Sunday was to improve that result. If it hasn’t been for the weather changes during the day, he could have done it. The weather in Galicia is unpredictable and it changes all the time, but nobody could predict that in a single day the pilots would face rain, sun, intense cold and even hail. It made life difficult for all riders, and even the most experienced had a hard time on extremely slippery terrain with mud puddles.

“With the rain, the route got much worse and even the most experienced riders had some kind of difficulty. The test was very hard and a lot of attention was required all the time. There were lots of puddles that were getting deep with the passage of motorcycles.”, Crivilin reported.

Even with many difficulties, especially in the face of intense cold, the Brazilian rider managed to finish once again in the top ten, finishing eighth in the classification of his category again. And just like on the first day, he achieved excellent results in the Cross Test, always walking ahead and getting to do the third shortest time in the special on this day.

“The biggest difficulty at the beginning was the holes in the course of the specials, the track was getting more and more bumpy and harder to reduce my time. But with the rain and the cold, the holes became secondary. The cold was undoubtedly my greatest difficulty and what limited me most. All day competing with temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees, but with a thermal sensation reaching 2 degrees, was quite complicated. In the final part of this Sunday we still caught hailstorm, the stones hurt a lot because of the speed. It was very complicated, I finished the day with a well-burned face because of the cold.”, explained Crivilin.


The Brazilian Orange BH KTM Racing Team rider highlighted the opportunity to compete for a stage of the Enduro World Championship on European lands. According to Crivilin, besides the dispute, the learning in a test like this is something to be highlighted.

“Every race, whether it’s here in Europe or in Brazil, is unique and brings different experiences. But to be able to race here in another country, with high level riders, different courses and specials, is a very great learning, it is an opportunity for evolution that can not be missed.”, he said.

“The race and the level of competition here has nothing to complain. They are the best riders in the world, gathered in one place, more than 100 high level riders, none of them is slow and none are here just to play. Being able to measure strength with these riders is fantastic. At this level of dispute, a small mistake costs you several positions. We need to get it right, I made some mistakes in those two days and that’s what we’re going to fix on this week. We’re staying stronger for the World Cup stage in Portugal, on the next weekend.”

Bruno Crivilin is now on his way to Castelo Branco, Portugal, where he will compete for another stage of the World Championship, on the 4th, 5th and 6th of may. The proof is that the test in Lusitanian lands happens in dry weather, without rain and with temperatures a little higher than the spanish cold.

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