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Bruno Crivilin is the first Brazilian champion of the Red Bull Romaniacs


The debut of Bruno Crivilin on the hardest Enduro Rally championship was supposed to happen on 2016. The rider was registered on the gold category, but he got hurt a few days before the event. Anyways, he went to Romenia just to watch the races. So, his debut got postponed to 2017.


On 2017, plans have changed. Instead of facing the Gold Category, with some really hard tracks and obstacles, he chose the Silver Category, which is “easier” than the Gold one, but that doesn’t mean that the Silver Category is a easy one. Actually, it’s a pretty hard course. The rider got impressed with the track and with his opponents. Almost scared.


“Everyone who thinks that the Silver Category is easy, is pretty much mistaken. A lot of the course is the same of the Gold Category. On some obstacles, you can only believe that you faced it when you already passed through it. Sometimes, we stayed for more than one hour going upon an obstacle. Not to mention the rivers e waterfalls we had to go through”, he said.


Crivilin had to face a lot of experient riders, like the romenian Emanuel Gyenes, who have participated of all the editions of the Red Bull Romaniacs.
“There was a lot of great riders on my category. I got to speed up a lot to stay on their rhythm. Some of them are really good at climbs, some of them are reallt good at going down. It’s a long race, so you have to know when you speed up and when you slow down”, he continued.

Marcelo Maragni- Red Bull Content Pool

After three days on the leadership and an advantage of 20 minutes, Bruno arrived on the last day to start a calm race and to make no mistakes. But, the last day got him some surprises that could have costed him the victory. At the beggining of the race, Bruno fell really hard and got on the pit stop with a lot of pain. He almost gave up the race. But he decided to complete the course and gota n incredible third place.
After the podium and the trophy giving, he went straight to the hospital. He got a rib fracture, a lung perforation and a kidney lesion that caused a smal hemorragy.


“I couldn’t give up the race. I was feeling a lot a pain, but tried to keep my mind on the people that were cheering for me. My whole country was watching and they deserved to win. I don’t know how I got trhough, but I’m happy that I did. Now I have to foccus on my recovering, because the Six Flags event will be on the end of august”, said Bruno.


Now Bruno is the first Brazilian rider to conquer this title and already have plans for coming back on 2018.


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