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Bruno Crivilin makes history in Europe


After a tough race in Spain, where he faced hail rain, it was now time for the young Orange BH KTM Racing Team Rider to face the Enduro World Championship in Portugal, where he put his name on the story.

When he left Brazil, Crivilin’s goal was to try a Top 10 in the World Championship, since the level of the competition is very high and the dispute is with the best pilots of the World – pilots of official teams and who are already familiar with the competition format. Last week, in Spain, he achieved impressive results.

This weekend, in the Portugal stage, Crivilin achieved more than expected results. Already on Friday, in the Supertest, managed to make the third best time in the Junior General Category, intended for all riders under 23 years. In its category, the EJ1, for riders under 23 and with bikes up to 250cc, got the second best time. On Saturday, he continued with excellent results and won a special in his category, in addition to finishing several specials in the top three, ending the day in 5th place of the Junior General, just 11 seconds far from a podium. In his category, he finished in 4th place. On Sunday, he got the 5th place in his category, competing with a KTM 250 EXC-F.

What is more surprising is that Crivilin, along with his team leader Guto Constantino, had only one van as a structure, while the other pilots had a complete structure of teams with vans, tents, motorhomes, mechanics and even masseuses. A fight between David and Goliath.

“It’s impressive the structure and the professional way they view the competitions here. There are at least three people for each rider, as mechanic, masseur and another member who keeps up in all the specials, observing the opponents and indicating the changes of the course and the best lines at the moment,” said Crivilin.

In Portugal, it was more than seven and a half hours of race a day, with around 1h30 of timed specials at a very intense pace. Nothing compared to the tests to which he is used to in Brazil.

“It was a very hard stage, with temperatures around 35 degrees, very hot. The shift was too tight too, so we had very little time to eat and rest, it was pretty much all the time on thebike. The specials were very fast, had a tight but very short Extreme, and two long, but very fast specials, where times were above 11 minutes in each special on average. In addition to the heat, the dust also messed up well,” continued the current leader of the Brazilian Championship.

Over the experience of those days competing in the Enduro World Championship, Crivilin was encouraged by his performance to improve his physical condition.

“Incredible experience, both in Spain and Portugal, very different tests, one really cold and rainy, and another with dry and hot weather. The good thing is that I could see that I have rhythm to ride with the guys, I could see that I can fight for the podium. I still need to gain a little more physical conditioning, the tests are very hard and long, it’s very tiring indeed. I think there was a little more preparation and a little better structure. It is way different from Brazil, it is much harder, more demanding. Although I did not get the podium I wanted so much, I’m very happy with the results. ”

With the results in both races (4 stages), the Orange BH KTM rider is fifth in the World Championship. Regarding the participation in the rest of the season, Crivilin gave hope of seeing once again a Brazilian fighting for good results in Europe.

“Maybe we can make my participation in the Estonian race possible, which is the next stage. We are going to arrive in Brazil and fight for it, we had some conversations here in Portugal that can help us.”, he concluded.

Crivilin returns this week to Brazil and, in the next week, he already has an obligation. In the city of Biguaçu, there is another valid race for the Brazilian Enduro Championship – Crivilin won the two stages, both in his category and in the overall standings.

Credits: Janjão Santiago

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