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Campano takes the lead in Brazilian Motocross 2018


Third round took place this weekend, May 5 and 6, in Fama, Minas Gerais.

The third stage of the Brazilian Motocross 2018 Championship was full of triumphs for ASW Racing riders with victories of Carlos Campano, Fabio Santos and Tallys Nathan in their respective categories.


Carlos Campano won the first round of MX1 and was third in Elite MX. With the results, he took the leadership of the MX1 class, of which he is the current Brazilian champion.


Fabio Santos won the first MX2 battery and made a recovery at Elite MX to take second place overall in his category (MX2, 250cc bikes).


Tallys Nathan won the unique MX-Junior battery (250cc bikes and riders aged 18 or under) and took the lead in the championship, which is the current Brazilian champion.


Jean Ramos made his first contact with the track after the strong fall in the United States and achieved a good performance on the rounds of MX1 and Elite MX.

The Subs27 Racing team has Thales Vilardi in sixth place in the MX1 category, Augustinho Godim in tenth place in MX2 – Junior and Henricke Henicka in fourth place in the Junior category.

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