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Cannondale Brasil Racing is officially sponsored by ASW


Foto_Gustavo Lovalho_CameraBike004Hugo Prado Neto, Lukas Kaufmann, Viviane Favery Costa and Sherman Trezza de Paiva, respectively, by Gustavo Lovalho.

Cannondale, one of the world’s leading cycling brands, will sponsor a mountain bike team in Brazil for the first time: Cannondale Brasil Racing. The main objective of the company with the project is to contribute even more to the growth of the sport in the country and to help Brazil to progress, both in the men’s MTB category and in the women’s MTB category, for the Japanese Olympics in 2020.

The Cannondale Brasil Racing team will be composed of 4 outstanding athletes in the Brazilian ranking: Viviane Favery, Sherman Trezza, Hugo Prado Neto and Lukas Kaufmann. To lead the team, Loris Verona Junior will serve as manager. All professional structure will also be available, including physical and psychological supervising to the mountain bikers.

Foto_Gustavo Lovalho_CameraBike008Hugo Prado Neto, Lukas Kaufmann, Sherman Trezza de Paiva and Viviane Favery Costa, respectively, by Gustavo Lovalho.

“This team is born with a disruptive model in Brazilian cycling, we want to use the same concept used today in Europe and in the United States, by the great teams. I consider that a mountain biking team is much more than just bikes, components, athletes and a good structure. We think as a platform, to unite all the communication, with the public, sponsor, to approach the fans of the sport and to present in fact how a high performance team works that seeks to elevate the Brazilian name in the sport “, comments Loris Verona Junior.

Foto_Gustavo Lovalho_CameraBike022Sherman Trezza de Paiva and Viviane Favery Costa, respectively, by Gustavo Lovalho.

Foto_Gustavo Lovalho_CameraBike020Hugo Prado Neto and Lukas Kaufmann, respectively, by Gustavo Lovalho.

The team has confirmed presence in the main events of the national and international calendar. It is a pleasure for ASW to support this team on this first steps, which promises a lot for the growth of the sport in the country.

Credits: Cannondale Brasil Racing | Gustavo Lovalho

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