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Carlos Campano wins the 2017 Brazilian Motocross Championship


Campano concquered on this sunday, 10, the victory of the 2017 Brazilian Motocross Championship at the main category (MX1). Since 2012, when he started competing in Brazil for Yamaha, this is the fourth time that the spanish rider wins the most important title of the brazilian mx. The concquer of 2017 came with the victory of 4 races and a lot of consistency, tih podium places on all the stages. On the last stage, the title came with a 2nd place on the first race. At the end of the competition, Campano had 279 points, 14 more than the runner-up, the portuguese Paulo Alberto. Jean Ramos ended the championship at the 5th place.

On the MX2 category, for 250cc bikes and riders that are younger than 23, Fabio Santos, from São Paulo, got the 2nd place of the championship.

“It was a year of huge pressure, I couldn’t make mistakes, but I did a great championship, with conscient races. I was fast, happywith my team/crew and with my bike. I was faster when it needed to be the faster. We’re for 6 years in Brazil, we got four 1st places and two 2nd places with all the struggle that a rider can have, so I’m really thankful, with the feeling that my job was done with dedication. I want to thank for everyone who cheered for us, for the team and all the support that we had”, said Campano, the champion.

a46f0b7a-136a-4708-8ef8-203a98732155Carlos Campano

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach the 2nd victory. I was fine at the first round, riding hard, chasing the front position, but I had an inssue with my bike and couldn’t make to the end of the race. On the 2nd round, I had no chances of getting to the first place. I will foccus to make it happen on 2018”, said Fábio.

d8ceafc0-5793-4c0f-bb86-4f38ed662659Fábio Santos

Credits: Yamaha Geração/Miguel Campano/Mau Haas

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