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ASW Moto 19 Collection | Challenge yourself


The ASW 19 collection arrives with the following proposal: to encourage the fans of the off-road culture to leave their comfort zones. The new slogan “Challenge yourself” makes clear the message that ASW wants to convey to the public: continuous evolution.

The new phase of expansion of the brand also represents the exit of the comfort zone. Present for more than 30 years in the Brazilian market and in other regions of Latin America, ASW now begins to gain strength in the European territory, in one of the cradles of the off-road culture. This challenge results in a new collection with the design and technology that will now be part of the world references for the two-wheeler market.

ASW Podium Tech Cruzade 19 Gear Set

ASW’s top line gains new features that make the package even more sophisticated. The most comfortable jersey fabric combination on the market is now 100% ventilated and with an even greater elasticity factor.

Podium Tech pants keep their unrivaled lightness, elasticity panels on the back and on the knees – ensuring high flexibility – and maximum ventilation. All this is complemented by custom and colordul zippers and.

ASW Podium Glory 19 Gear Set

The set that kicked off the new phase of ASW has already been a success on the MXGP track for a while. The jersey, which follows the Podium quality standard, has perfect contrast to the colors and graphics of the Podium Race pants, which is a benchmark in durability and protection.

This is the line of sets that dressed Gustavo Pessoa in his debut in the MXGP.
In short: a brazilian brand gearing a Brazilian rider in his Motocross World Championship debut.

ASW Image 19 Line

Subdivided into three different graphic models, the ASW Image line gains new lateral cutouts on the jersey, which allows greater ventilation and lightness in the modeling.

ASW Image Orb Sets 19

ASW Image Orb Female Set 19

ASW Image Fade Sets 19

ASW Image Fade Female Set 19

Image Contrast Sets 19

ASW Kids’ 19 Line

Based on the ASW Podium Glory 19 Sets graphic, new children’s sets come to expand the list of options and show that the ASW style is present in an athlete’s life since childhood.

ASW Factory 19 Line

New graphics and new colors in the most accessible line of the market considering its high quality, protection factor and durability. The ASW Factory line is a classic of the brand and for generations it pleases riders of all levels.

ASW Factory Limited Sets 19

ASW Factory Sets 19

ASW Goggles 19 Line

The new models of the ASW 19 A2 and A3 lines Goggles are the most sophisticated in terms of design and color.
Delighting from the most classic to the most flashy, the models feature modern graphics with some more realistic strands. The lenses perfectly contrast the rider’s style.

ASW A3 Glory Goggles

ASW A3 Void Goggles

ASW A3 Contour Goggles

ASW A3 Fog Goggles

ASW A2 Vertigo Goggles

ASW A2 Brush Goggles

ASW A2 Fade Goggles

ASW Core Boot Line

Fleeing from the black basic color, the ASW Core Boots model arrives for 2019 in style, in the white model with red and blue, which matches very well with several equipment of the collection. The perfect alternative to change and get out of the basics.

For those who prefer a more classic style, the new graphics are also present in the new black Core model, with white details.

ASW Race Hydration Bag (2L)

The intelligent closure and lightness of the ASW Race Hydration Bag are a highlight in the market. The new graphics give a more classic touch and the new blue variant expands the list of options to complement your style.

Summarizing the first wave of the ASW Moto 2019 Collection, these products are already available in the best stores of the industry. Stay tuned for the next releases and follow our social networks, as the news are just beginning.

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