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Six Days: The brazilian team keeps itself on the top 10


The second race day had the same tracks of the first day. That could sound like an advantage, if the ground weren’t so bruised from the day before race. The 800 hundred motorcycles that passed through the track modified it, so a lot of roots and rocks appeared and it became a slippery race.

Bruno Crivilin passed through the biggest odd of the day. Trying to get a higher speed rhythm, he fell twice and his rib pain came back (he had a rib fracture on Romaniacs). He ended the course with a lot of pain, but stays still on the race.

“Finishing this race was really hard. I fell hard twice. I’ve been feeling a lot of pain on my ribs and yesterday I almost couldn’t change my tires. Today it got really worse. But that’s the way i’ll have to do it: day by day. I think I broke a rib again and I knew that could happen. Now my fight is also against pain, but I’ll do my best to get great results for this team”, said Crivilin.

JS- AGO17 -ISDE 066 Dia 2

With Rômulo Bottrel, it was all different. He was the fastest of the Brazilian Team. If yesterday he had problems with his rear suspension, today he got motivation to keep a hard rhythm.

“Today was a hard and tough day. Really hot and a lot of dust, really exhausting. It was a slippery track with sticks and rocks under the dust, so a lot of attention was necessary. I tried to be the most consistent as possible, because a single mistake can camke you lose all your chances and we’re still on the second day. We are on the top ten and that’s the most important part. Tomorrow there’s more and the main goal is to get safe to the end of the Six Days”, said Bottrel.

JS- AGO17 -ISDE 056 Dia 2

The third day will have an fresh new track. It’ll be around a 250km course. It may rain, so that’s an odd to the riders. The championship ends on saturday.

The Orange BH KTM Racing Team is sponsored by KTM Brasil, Borilli Racing, ASW Racing, Motul, BrParts, Dragon, Gaerne, Exceed, MrPro, BMS Racing, USWE, Academia do PIC and Alex Deigin. It belongs to the Orange Group, that distributes the brands Airoh and Kini Red Bull in Brazil. There’s more than four Thousand products on the Orange BH KTM and O2 BH Kawasaki dealerships, which are located in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and, together, they have 1.650mˆ2 of area (the biggest of the national department). For more information, access orangebh.com.br or o2bh.com.br

#241 – Rômulo Bottrel

#243 – Bruno Crivilin
Photography credits: Janjão Santiago

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