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Orange Domain in the Brazilian Enduro Championship at Biguaçu


In a weekend with specials sections disputed with a lot of mud and a complicated route, Bruno Crivilin dominates the race of the Brazilian Championship, wins General and E1 Category, and extends the advantage in the leadership of the competition. Vinicius Calafati got the third place in the General category and second in his category, E2.

In this stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship in Biguaçu, the rain forecast was confirmed and made the specials even more challenging for the riders. But if the bad conditions complicated the race for some, for others they made a good difference, since under these conditions the technique and individual ability is what makes some pilots faster. This was the case of Orange BH KTM Racing rider Bruno Crivilin, who leaded the whole competition, winning every weekend special.

“Of the three events this year, Biguaçu was the best, the hardest, a real Enduro Race. Although the three special sections were very smooth, each had a specific feature, one in the middle of eucalyptus, another in a forest and a faster one, where the public could follow much of the course. They were special long ones, between eight and ten minutes each, so the physical conditioning also had to be considered.”, said Crivilin, who won 18 of the 19 special sections of the weekend.

With these results, the current leader of the championship in the General classification further extends the advantage for second place. Now, he is already 35 points ahead. According to the KTM rider, international experience has helped to improve his pace.

“I am very happy with my results and with my evolution. I arrived last week from Europe where I participated in two very difficult stages of the Enduro World Championship and next weekend I’ll board again for another stage, now in Estonia. This has been very good and has helped me a lot. I leave here with a bigger gap in the lead and now I have to turn my eyes to the World Cup, where I am in the fifth place in the classification of my category.”, finished Crivilin.

Vice-leader of the E2 category, Vinicius Calafati had difficulties in the smooth terrain, but nevertheless, he got third place in the General Classification in the sum of the two days of competition and second place in his category. He’s only 8 points behind the leader in the standings and hopes to improve that.

“It was the toughest championship event so far, but with really cool special sections. On Saturday, I was able to ride better, but it rained a lot during the night, further damaging the track on Sunday. I made some mistakes over the weekend, we will work hard to correct this and we are very excited for the next stage in Aracruz.”, said Calafati.

Finished the stage of the Brazilian Championship in Santa Catarina, Bruno Crivilin has a trip scheduled for the next Saturday. He boards to Estonia, where he faces another stage of the World Enduro Championship. He returns from Europe on June 4th and already heads straight for Aracruz, where, along with Calafati, he races another stage of the Brazilian Championship on days 9 and 10 of June.

Credits: Janjão Santiago

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