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Enduro da Polenta Championship: Jomar Grecco’s 8th victory


It is already becoming routine in the Enduro da Polenta Championship. Once again, the capixaba Jomar Grecco made use of the fact of “running at home” and dominated the race once again. In the commemorative edition of the 30 years, the Yamaha O2BH Racing Team driver won the 4 stages of the race, which happened on Saturday and Sunday in Venda Nova do Imigrante/ES.

“The race was fantastic, all the riders liked it, very well organized. On Saturday, the event happened with a fairly flat terrain, it rained all night and all day, so we had a lot of work, with smooth trails, the terrain did not work well, so it required a lot of training and a lot of technique. I was able to print a good pace and won the day. On Sunday it was a bit better, had a few smooth stretches as well, but the sun helped to dry some parts and the race was faster, with fair averages and a lot of navigation.”, said the Brazilian double champion.

In addition to the champion trophy, Jomar Grecco also received a special trophy this Sunday. The Mata Atlântica Trail Club, organizer of the race, made a commemorative trophy of the 30th anniversary of Polenta Enduro, and the pilot, who already won the event eight times in the main category, was honored.

“It’s the eighth time I’ve won the Master Class, but every win has a different story and winning in this commemorative edition had an even more special meaning. It was an exclusive trophy of Polenta’s 30 years and I was very happy to receive this award, a very nice trophy that will have a special place in my gallery.”, said the capixaba.

Jomar raced the first three stages of the Brazilian Championship with a Yamaha WR 250F. In that second half of the championship, the pilot decided to face the races with the Yamaha WR450F.

“At the beginning of the season I did prefer to run with the WR 250F because I was returning from a knee surgery and the first two races were in the south of the country on very slippery terrain. Here I have been on the WR450F and it is with it that I will race for the rest of the season, I am very close to the bike and I am able to develop a much better pace, I can get a stronger rhythm with it.”, continued Jomar.

Because of the truck drivers’ strike and the lack of fuel in the country, many riders were unable to go to Espirito Santo, forcing CBM to change the rules of the Championship. Now, each rider can discard up to eight stages (each race has 4 stages). With the results of the weekend and the new rules, the Championship has jammed, with the first three placed separated by only a few points.

“The expectation for the rest of the championship is the best possible, with these four victories of the weekend, the championship gave a stroke between the top three, and the champion will only be known in the last race, but I am very confident in conquering another brazilian championship. The next stage is in the south of the country, but the finals will be here close to home, and I want to repeat Polenta’s good result to guarantee the Brazilian championship.”, concluded the pilot, who is now in the eighth place Polenta Enduro Champion.

The next stage of the Brazilian Championship is Enduro das Neves, which is scheduled for June 23 and 24, in the city of Braço do Norte/SC. The finals of the championship will be in the city of Viana, in the state of Espírito Santo, on July 21 and 22, where the Brazilian champion will be defined.

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