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Orange BH Team dyes this weekend’s Podium in Orange


Double victory: Patrik Capila wins and Rômulo Bottrel stays on the second place at the Silver Category. Bruno Crivilin got the second place at the Gold Category.


Poços de Caldas (Minas Gerais, Brazil) was the city that hosted the “King of The Jungle”, second stage of the brazilian championship of Hard Endurance.

The great name of the weekend was Patrik Capila, who joined this racing genre this year, but can already be seen as one of the best of the country. After getting the third place on the opening stage, Patrik has won the bronze category on the Red Bull Minas Riders. Now, Patrik won the prologue of the saturday’s race and won, easily, the sunday’s race, with more than 20 minutes of advantage over his teammate Rômulo Bottrel.


Patrik Capila:

“It was a great weekend with this victory. I won staurday and on sunday I started ahead. Got a good rhythm and, after conquering a good advantage, I got the calm and security. Now i got the vice leadership, right after my teammate Rômulo Bottrel. That got the Orange BH KTM Racing on the best places of the championship. It was a good race and I want to congratulate the organization. I want to thank my team, my sponsors and everyone on the audience, specially. They cheer me up and that helps me on evolving.”

Rômulo Bottrel:

“Another fun race of this genre. I’m still getting used to Hard Endurance. I started this year, but I’m enjoying a lot. This weekend’s stage was quite rigorous, with the proglogue on the saturdat and the trace on the sunday. At some parts of the track, you only believe that you can make it after you beat your obstacles. The end of the track was at a abandoned quarry, and that was fun. I’m still on the first place of the chsampionship, but I can’t stay in my comfort zone. I’ll practicing hard, so I can stay on the leadership until the end.”


After winning the opening race and the saturday’s prologue, Bruno Crivilin started the sunday’s race on the first place. Got a good rhythm, but got impaired with a fail of track signing. Bruno lost track and lost more than 15 minutes to get back to the right route. But he got a good rhythm and ended up on the second place.. Crivilin now is on a tie for the leadership, but hopes to get back to the top on the next stage.


“In despite of everything, I got really happy with my performance. Got a good rhythm on the two days of race. Such fine tracks. My KTM EXC 300 was perfect, as always. The only thing that bothered me was the signing of the track, that got me off the route. Lost a lot of time on that, but got Lucky that none pilots came on the opposite direction, what could have caused an accident. On the next stage I’ll recover this. I’m still on the leadership and there’s a lot ahead on this championship.”


Now these pilots prepare themselves for another race of the Brazilian Endurance FIM Championship, that will happen on 15 and 16 of july, in Paraopeba (Minas Gerais, Brazil). Then, Bruno Crivilin goes to Romenia with Guto Constantino (owner of the Orange BH KTM Racing Team). Both of them will participate on the Red Bull Romaniacs. Crivilin will be on the silver category and Guto will be on the bronze category.


The Orange BH KTM Racing Team is sponsored by KTM Brasil, Borilli Racing, ASW Racing, Motul, BrParts, Dragon, Gaerne, Exceed, MrPro, BMS Racing, USWE, Academia do PIC and Alex Deigin. It belongs to the Orange Group, that distributes the brands Airoh and Kini Red Bull in Brazil. There’s more than four Thousand products on the Orange BH KTM and O2 BH Kawasaki dealerships, which are located in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and, together, they have 1.650mˆ2 of área (the bigger of the national department). For more information, access orangebh.com.br or o2bh.com.br


Photography credits: Janjão Santiago

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