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Sense Factory Racing Team had a great 2017 season


Another successfull season with a lot of goals: that’s 2017 for the Sense Factory Racing Team. 54 competitions with the participation of Rubinho Valeriano, Guilherme Muller, Mário Couto and Clara Carvalho, who concquered dozens of titles. 18 victories, 9 runner ups and 13 third places. Some of the races were so great that the team got the first three places, like the João Del Rei CMTB stage and the Shimano Fest race.

Guilherme Muller: only 24 years old, the Athlete from Monte Sião (MG) it’s a highlight of the brazilian mountainbiking. At his 2nd year of Elite Category, he ends this season at the 3rd place of the brazilian ranking, showing his performance as one of the most complete athletes of the genre. On 2017, Guilherme got the Brazilian MTB Cup victory. Also, he got the 3rd places at a CIMTB stage and the Shimano Fest race. He’s one of the main nominees for a 2020 Olympics vacancy.

Rubinho Valeriano: On his first year at the Sense Factory Racing Team, The R1 (nickname) showed us that he’s in shape, even though he is 38 years old, running on the highest podium places. With 3 olympics titles, Rubinho did great for the team. He ends this season on the 5th ranking position, with a runner up at the Shimano Fest race and the third place at the Brazilian Cup.

IMG_5357Rubinho Valeriano

Mário Couto: on his first sub-23 category year (which he will remain for the next 4 years) he had an awesome season, Even though he races with way more experient athletes, Mário concquered a lot of important titles, like the 2nd place at the brazilian MTB XCO ranking, 2nd place at the Brazilian Cup of Goiânia and Maricá (RJ). He is a promess for 2018.

Clara Carvalho: the Triathlon athlete of the team is 20 years old and races at the Elite and Sub-23 categories. She had a great year, because she got the 2nd place at the Olympic Triathlon at the sub-23 category and the 3rd place at the Elite category. She got a lot of victories, like the UFF Rio Triathlon circiuit at the Sprint Triathlon Elite category,general champion of the All Limits race, at the Olympic Triathlon Category and Brazilian Champion at the Aquatlhon sub-23 category.

With so many expressive results, The Sense Factory Racing Team estabilished itself as one of the greatest brazilian teams. All 4 athletes renewed their contracts for 2018. The Sense Factory Racing Team thanks to all the fan base and wants even more energy for 2018. The Ssense Factory Racing team is sponsored by Sense Bike, LM Bike, Shimano, DR, Swiss, ASW Racing, Vittoria, Sentec, Exceed, SuperB, High One, Ritchey , FIZIK, Unimed Divinópolis and the website www.pedal.com.br

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Photography: Pedro Cury

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