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Equipe Sense Factory Racing has a great start at Onça de Pitangui


Onça de Pitangui (Minas Gerais) received a lot of athletes again for the traditional race that started the calendar of competitions of Minas Gerais. Over 500 athletes rode more than 46 km of dirt roads., with huge inclinations, under a hot weather (32ºC). It took a lot of physical preparation of the athletes. At the end, Guilherme Muller fot the victory, followed by Rubinho Valeriano and Mário Couto, all of them of the Sense Factory Racing Team.

Guilherme sought victory since the beginning of the race. Right at the first mountain range, 5 km long, he accelerated and got a huge advantage. He got a calm race, riding alone through the whole course and winning for the 4th time, with a 1:56:23 time.

Other highlights of the race were Rubinho Valeriano and Mário Couto. Both teammates took turns during the race and Rubinho slowed down for helping Mário on the last climb, showing some teamwork. At the end, Rubinho got the 2nd position at the general category, as Mário got the 3rd, also stating himself as the champion of the sub-23 category.

The race also was the debut of Giuliana Morgen, 14 years old and from Petrópolis (Rio de Janeiro). She didn’t get intimidated and had a great performance riding her brand new Sense Impact Carbon Comp bike. She became the champion of the female kids’ category and first place at the general category of the shortened course.

2018 will offer a lot of challenges for the athletes of the Sense Factory Racing Team and this beginning shows that all the goals can be reached.

The Sense Factory Racing Team is sponsored by Sense Bike, ASW Racing, SHIMANO, DT Swiss, Schwalbe, Sentec, Exceed, SuberB, LM Bike, High One, Ritchey, FIZIK, Unimed Divinópolis and the website www.pedal.com.br

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