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Even with problems, Bruno Crivilin finishes in sixth in the Red Bull Los Andes


Bruno crivilin, 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs Silver Category champion, finished the Red Bull Los Andes, at Chile, in sixth place, even though he had a lot of struggle during the course.

Mud, snow and a lot of obstacles were expected. But no one could ever imagine how Red Bull Los Andes could be that tough. On saturday, at Santiago (Chile), everyone got surprised by the extreme natural conditions, like wind storm, excessive raining and slippery snow at Nino Codores, place of the race. The organization considered cancelling the prologue, bu the conditions got a little better and the event happened, even though two hours late.

It’s not necessary to say that the circuit conditions were really complicated for the 280 pilots of the race, that were competing to define the sunday’s starting sequence. The Brazilian rider Bruno Crivilin made a good run, with the best first lap, but found traffic on the second lap. Even though, he got the third best time, qualifying himself to start on the first row of sunday’s race. Just for the record: a lot of pilots couldn’t make it through those 2 laps.

At sunday, daylight dawned with better conditions. No rain, but still with low temperatures. The course, predicted to have a dry and no dust ground, was full of water and mud. At some points, it could be mistaken as a river.

Bruno Crivilin started the race in a good rhythm, on the first position. But the obstacles difficulties got the first three riders on the same place. Benjamin Herrera and Bruno Crivilin were competing the first place with Diego Herrera right behind. That was the whole first lap. Then, Bruno’s motorcycle started showing some carburetor problems. Bruno couldn’t get a good rhythm anymore. Even with struggle, he could make it through the end of the race, in the sixth place.

Bruno Crivilin RBLA Credito Luis Barra

“The race was fantastic, such an incredible place. I had a good start, a good first lap and a good rhythm, competing with benjamin and Diego for the first place, but I had a little problem on the second lap and it took me a lot of time to fix, but I got the sixth place anyways. I know it happens, but I’m not satisfied, because I know that I could go home with better results. Now I have to raise my head and look forward. I wato thank Red Bull Chile and KTM Chile for all the support, it was amazing! I want to get back on the next edition. It’s an awesome track and I want to ride here again!”, said Bruno.

The pilot returned this monday (02) to Brazil and now he prepares himself for the Brazilian Enduro Championship decision, that will happen on october 14 and 15, at Farroupilha/RS. With all the required discards predicted by the rules, Crivilin leads the E2 category and is in the second place of the EnduroGP (general category).

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Credits: Luis Barra/Barraphoto


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