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Fábio Coelho and Jomar Grecco on the top of the Enduro Lavailama Race


Fábio Coelho Amaral wins the competition in the Brazil category and manages to isolate himself, with good advantage, in the leadership of the Championship. In the Master Category, Jomar Grecco gets to the second place in the competition and takes the vice-leadership of the championship.

Highly positive results weekend for the Yamaha O2BH Racing Team pilots in the city of Almirante Tamandaré, Paraná. There were 300 kilometers of many trails, being 166 on the first day and 134 on the second.

In the Master category, the capixaba Jomar Grecco faced difficulties on the first day, which had very demanding trails and a high degree of difficulty. Still recovering from a surgery, Grecco managed to remain among the first places scoring important points in the championship. Already on the second day, the tracks were more open and the test privileged the attention to the script and navigation. Jomar got two second places and, with the result, takes on the vice-leadership of the competition.

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“The first day was a heavier day, with more ‘junk’ trails and some courses with trails inside rivers, with lots of rocks, trails that reminded me of hard enduro tests, because of the difficulties, but that’s normal too. I struggled a little to adapt and I had a result that I think it was reasonable, considering the course of the championship. I got second and third places. The second day of testing was a faster day, with looser trails, not much fuss as on the first day. It was a test with higher speed averages, but with a lot of navigation, it took a lot of attention in the spreadsheet. On this second day I managed to improve and I got two second places, a very good result. I improved in the classification and I now assume the vice-leadership of the championship, a very good result. The next race is in Lavras / MG and the expectations are very good, it is a test with many tracks, lots of stones and I feel more at ease.”, said Jomar Grecco, who competed with a Yamaha WR 250F.

Fábio Coelho Amaral had an easier life in the lands of Paraná. Piloting his Yamaha TT-R 230, the rider maintained the good phase and won the four stages of the race in the Brazil category, managing to further extend the lead in the championship.


“I really enjoyed the Enduro Lavailama, despite being very different from what I’m used to ride in Minas Gerais, so I expected to have more difficulties. The ground was also different from the Pampas, the season opening event in Rio Grande do Sul, but it also had very slippery, smooth trails. I chose to use the Kenda Triple tire on the rear wheel of my TT-R 230 and I had an incredible traction, I had no difficulties with the ground and the bike helped me a lot, so I won the four stages of the weekend. I am still familiarizing myself with the Brazilian Championship, there are many differences, be it in tracks, in spreadsheets, but I am enjoying the races a lot. The staff worries too much about the safety of the riders, they always put strategic neutralities on all the routes, so that no one has to accelerate on the roads, all the places are very well signposted, such as quagmires, places with dangers.”, reported Fábio Amaral.

The next stage of the Brazilian Regularity Championship will be held on May 5 and 6, in the city of Lavras, with well-known tracks by Fabio and Jomar, who hope to keep up the good pace of the season. Fábio wants to widen the gap in the leadership of the Brazil category and Jomar hopes to get in the fight for the Championship leadership in the Master Category.

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