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Fabio Santos Wins the 6th stage of the 2017 BRMX MX2 category


Fabio Santos, from Yamaha Geração Monster Energy Team, won the two races of the 6th stage of the Brazilian Motocross Championship at the MX2 category, at Campo Grande on this last sunday (26).

With these results, the rider from São Paulo got a less difference points from the 1st place of the championshiop. Now it’s 13 difference points.
“I came here saying that I need to win the last 4 races of the year and I still need that. I won both two here at Campo Grande. Now, I must win both two at Charqueada, at the last stage. I hope two be a Brazilian bi-champion.”, said Fabinho.

brmx3_fabinho_danylloprotoFabio Santos

The Yamaha Geração Monster Energy Team concquered a lot on this weekend.. Fabio got the first place at the MX2 category and Carlos Campano and Jean Ramos got the 2nd and 3rd place at the MX1 category, respectively.

Carlos Campano stays still at the 1st place of the championship at the MX1 category, with 24 difference points. The advantage of the rider is a crucial step for his victory of the 2017 championship.

brmx3_campano_danylloprotoCarlos Campano

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