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Yamaha Monster Energy Geração Winning Weekend


The Yamaha Monster Energy Geração Team came out of the fourth stage of the Brazilian Motocross 2018, held this Sunday, November 10, in Nova Alvorada do Sul, MS, in the leadership of three categories: MX1, MX2 and MX2-Júnior.

Carlos Campano won the stage in the MX1 and maintained the leadership of the championship, extending the advantage to four points in relation to the deputy leader, Jetro Salazar.

Fabio Santos made a turnaround in the MX2 championship by beating the two class batteries in exciting races. With the results, it took the lead of the competition with six points of advantage over the deputy leader, Pepê Bueno.

In addition, Santos went to the MX Elite podium with his Yamaha 250F even battling riders with 450cc bikes, being the best Brazilian driver of the class this weekend.

Tallys Nathan won the MX-Junior’s unique battery (250cc bikes and riders aged 18 or under) and retained the lead of the championship, of which he is the current Brazilian champion.

Jean Ramos achieved important results to remain among the top five in the MX1 and Elite MX championship.

4th Jalapão Rally

Ricardo Martins won his third title of the competition. Of the four editions of the event that participated, he won three times (2015, 2017 and 2018).

“It was very spectacular, there were many parts with sand, but also diversifying with stones, gravels and crossings of rivers, a lot of difficulty with the heat, it is very hot in here. I am very happy with the result, because I really like to accelerate here in Jalapão.”, says Ricardo Martins.

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