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Gustavo Pessoa is the new rider of Bike It DRT Kawasaki


Once again ASW boosts brazilian MX. With previous big strides in foreign championships, it’s time to make history again at the MXGP and introduce a high-performance Brazilian rider into a high-performance foreign team.

The star of the time is Gustavo Pessoa, who is now officially an ASW rider and will be part of the Bike It Dixon Racing Kawasaki Team. Racing for the MX2 category, the rider will be heading on Tuesday (03) to the United Kingdom, home of the Dixon Racing Team.
His debut for the team is scheduled for the 22nd of this month, whhen he’ll compete the 14th stage of the MXGP at the track of Loket, located in the Czech Republic.

It is not the first time that ASW has supported a Brazilian rider in the MXGP. The first time was with Balbi Jr., who competed in the 2005 MXGP with support from Ricci Racing team. The brand is also responsible for the sponsorship of Brazilian team riders in championships such as the MXON and the International Six Days Enduro, as well supporting Felipe Zanol to win his eighth place in the EnduroGP of 2011.
Bruno Crivilin’s silver category victory at the Red Bull Romaniacs was also a milestone in the history of brazilian mx and considered a major event for ASW.

Now, Gustavo will keep on training for the MXGP in England. You can keep up with the training, performance and lifestyle of the rider overseas through ASW social media (@aswracing and @aswracingint) and his page too (@capitao891).

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