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Hugo Prado Neto is The Champion of the Festival Brasil Ride


Botucatu hosted, on Saturday (02) of this weekend, the Warm Up Pro of the Festival Brasil Ride. Hugo Prado overcame his opponents and won the third and final stage of the event’s main MTB race.

Credits: Fabio Piva/Brasil Ride

It was not easy for Hugo Neto to win his third title (previously won in 2013 and 2015). Third in the first stage and fourth in the second, Hugo reached the third stage in third place, with almost five minutes behind those placed ahead. Getting worse, he had to ride 106 km of the course at the beginning with a flat tire. Even so, he led the last 20 km alone after overcoming his rivals.

Credits: Wladimir Togumi/Brasil Ride

“I knew of the importance of this last stage, the ‘Queen’, and I knew that nothing was lost, my part was to win and try to save the maximum amount of time, I still had a hole in the tire right on the first descent and yet I believed in myself. I had a huge mental preparation to fit this year and to have good results. I am very happy with this victory and I feel really deserving of this three-time championship in Warm Up Pro.”, he celebrated. “I think this was the most important race I ever did in 20 years of mountain bike racing,” said Hugo.

Credits: Fabio Piva/Brasil Ride

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