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Jomar Grecco is The Champion of The Velho Chico Enduro


The rider from Espirito Santo won both days of race on this weekend. The Velho Chico Endurance is the last stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship and it occurred at Lagoa da Prata (Minas Gerais).

Jomar Grecco, the rider from the Orange BH KTM Racing team, had an almost perfect season. On 2017, he became the four-time champion of the Ibioca Off Road and the four-time champion of the Enduro da Independência.

On the Brazilian Championship, he became the runner-up, though he is the biggest winner of the championship, with 5 victories in 12 stages. Jomar made a recovering season, after facing problemas on the first stage of the championship, right on the year when the discards were removed from the rules.

On the last race of the year, he confirmed a good moment, winning easily the two days of race.

“The race was perfect, with a lot of tracks and navigation and well structured. The averages could be tighter, I think we could have accelerated more, but it was a great race. I got to win both two days and then I end this season with a golden key, with another victory.”, said Jomar.

The rider will rest for a while, now, because of a knee lesion and an upcoming surgery.

“I’ll seize this free time in order to a knee surgery, because my knee is disturbing me during some races. I got a good time for recovery and I want to prepare to start a good new season.”, he finished.


It was a great season, considering the titles that he got. For to 2018, he already said that he want all of these three titles.

The Orange BH KTM Racing Team is sponsored by KTM Brasil, Borilli Racing, ASW Racing, Motul, BrParts, Dragon, Gaerne, Exceed, MrPro, BMS Racing, USWE, Academia do PIC and Alex Deigin. It belongs to the Orange Group, that distributes the brands Airoh and Kini Red Bull in Brazil. There’s more than four Thousand products on the Orange BH KTM and O2 BH Kawasaki dealerships, which are located in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and, together, they have 1.650mˆ2 of area (the biggest of the national department). For more information, access orangebh.com.br or o2bh.com.br


Photography credits: Janjão Santiago/Orange BH

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