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Jomar Grecco and Fábio Amaral win the Enduro das Neves


The Yamaha O2BH Racing Team riders win the penultimate round of the season and advance to the final stage of the competition.

Weekend to celebrate in Santa Catarina. In a long and challenging race, riders Jomar Grecco and Fábio Coelho Amaral of the Yamaha O2BH Racing Team have won important victories and have the advantage of leading the Brazilian Championship.

Brazilian double champion Jomar Grecco arrived in the city of Braço do Norte in second place in the standings, knowing he could not make mistakes in this final straight of the championship. And the pressure was compounded by the fact that he was the first to start the race.

“On Saturday the race was already very good, but as I was the first rider to leave and the championship was arriving in its final straight, I was a little more apprehensive, knowing that I could not go wrong and afraid to hurt or damage the equipment, so I did not want to risk it too much. I got better during the race, made a third place in the morning and ended it with a second place in the afternoon. It was a long day, with a huge track and the beginning of the race had a lot of navigation. In the afternoon the averages were tighter, a much faster race. As I was riding the WR 450F, I had no difficulty in the high averages and ending the first day of the race in second place.”, said Jomar.

With the result of Saturday, the four-time champion of the Enduro da Independência took the lead of the Brazilian Championship in the Master Category. And on Sunday, he increased his pace to ensure another good result.

“The second day was a bit shorter, with 135 km of race. The first part was a race well ahead and also with very high averages. In the same way of the first day, I did not have much difficulty to get into the averages. As I started in fifth position, I had more confidence to accelerate, knowing that my competitors were ahead. The second part of the day was well-kept, with a lot of trails in the woods, a lot of smooth route. I managed to keep the pace and ended it with the win in the two stages of the day. It’s not because I won the event, but it was sensational!”, Continued Jomar Grecco.

After starting the season with the Yamaha WR 250F, the current championship leader opted to face the second half of the championship with the Yamaha WR 450F. It has worked, since it is two wins in a row, in Enduro da Polenta and Enduro das Neves, and the rider not only took the lead of the competition, but also got a small advantage.

“I came from an injury and a surgery, so I chose to start with the WR 250F, which is much more docile and easy to ride, with a quieter engine. As I gained confidence, I opted to switch to the WR 450F and had a great surprise. I fit the bike, it is very easy to ride and has a lot of power, while it is very elastic and docile too, with a fantastic suspension. The bike has helped me a lot. I am very happy with the result, I definitely assume the leadership of the championship and managed to open a small advantage for the last stage of the championship, which will happen in Espirito Santo. God willing, we will conquer the Brazilian championship.”, concluded the Champion of the 12th Enduro das Neves edition, who has now opened 11 points ahead in the Master Category.

Who also has many reasons to celebrate is Fábio Coelho Amaral, who has won another one in the season. The Enduro da Independência Champion of the Brazil category remains unbeaten in the championship and now has the title almost guaranteed.

“The Enduro was very good and the organization was fantastic. The tracks and the course of the race were very well chosen, with fair averages, where we could not hesitate. The first day was quite long, with very demanding averages, despite the dry terrain on most of the race. It was about seven and a half hours of race. The second day was very cold and very slippery. I managed to print a good rhythm in the two days and I did not make any mistakes, everything worked out at the end of the week. I guess the fact that the averages are well pulled favored me, the TT-R 230 performed very well and rided hard, I managed to be very fast with it, since it is very agile, especially in the trails inside woods, with good answers in the retakes acceleration.”, said Fabio, who has been leading the championship since the first stage. With an impressive pace, Fábio Amaral won 14 of the 16 stages he raced.

The last race of the Championship is scheduled for 21 and 22 July, in the city of Viana, in the metropolitan region of Vitoria.

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