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Jomar Grecco wins the Enduro da Independência for the fourth time


Riding a KTM EXC-F 350, Jomar Grecco, from the Orange BH KTM Racing team, won the championship for the fourth time (he also won in 2013, 2015 and 2016).

“It’s really good to win a race of this size, competing with younger riders. I am the oldest rider in this category. It’s such a cheerful experience. Now I’m a title recordist on the Master category and I got to put my name on the history of this championship. I wanna beat this record again, on the next year.”, said Jomar Grecco.


On the last day, Jomar got a great advantage from the 2th place, with enough comfort to manage his results.

“I was the first to start on the last three days. Who wins the day race, starts first on the next day. The concentration level needs no be higher. At some places, the track was really clean, so I had to trust my navigation. The rout and the ground condition only got harder. They told me that the third day would be the hardest one, but, for me, the fourth was the hardest one, because of my tiredness and the will to finish the race in good conditions. Even though, it was a really great race. The tracks were well chosen and the organization did an awesome job.”, Jomar completed.

This is the third title of the pilot in a row. He won all the Enduro da Independência editions since he got in the Orange BH Team, riding a KTM EXC-F 350.

“All of this is thanks to the Orange BH KTM Racing Team and all my sponsors. They do a lot for me. We are building some great accomplishments. I’m prettty shure there’s a lot of good things to come.”, he stated.

He also received, again, The “Enduro da Independência Champions Cup”. This trophy stays with the winner of the Master category for a year.
Now, this trophy stays for a year at the Orange BH sales hall.


The Orange BH KTM Racing Team is sponsored by KTM Brasil, Borilli Racing, ASW Racing, Motul, BrParts, Dragon, Gaerne, Exceed, MrPro, BMS Racing, USWE, Academia do PIC and Alex Deigin. It belongs to the Orange Group, that distributes the brands Airoh and Kini Red Bull in Brazil. There’s more than four Thousand products on the Orange BH KTM and O2 BH Kawasaki dealerships, which are located in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and, together, they have 1.650mˆ2 of area (the biggest of the national department). For more information, access orangebh.com.br or o2bh.com.br

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Awards: Idário Café
Action: Janjão Santiago

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