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Jomar Grecco wins the first day of the Enduro da Independência


The first day of the Enduro da Independência Championship started well for Jomar Grecco (Orange BH KTM Racing Team). The three-time winner rider (2013, 2015 and 2016) has won the first competition day and left with 5 advantage points on the 2nd place.

The start of the first day happened at the Basílica de Nossa Senhora Aparecida National Sanctuary. The finish line was at Itajubá (Minas Gerais) and the track passed through Piquete (São Paulo) and Delfim Moreira (Minas Gerais), places of the main neutralized. As a first day race, the organization did and calm race so the riders could get the rhythm.

“Today was a calm day, as the organization told us before. Few close tracks with a tight average. In the morning, I did a little mistake and lost a few precious points. That was a track on the second part of the race that was really important for my victory. A high level track where only master category riders got through. Remembered me a hard enduro style. I believe that this track got me to the 1st place. Summing up, it was a good day.”, said Jomar Grecco.

The organization of the race said that the second day will be harder, with much more tracks and that it will demmand more effort from the riders.

‘Tomorrow will be really different, with a lot of tracks. There’s 15 km more than today’s track and one and a half hour more. I already studied the map and it’s a full time track. Today was just the first day, so we could get on the rhythm. I’m on high expectations on winning this championship for the fourth time, so I’ll put a lot of effort on the sond race day.”, Jomar completed.

The second day race starts at Itajubá (Minas Gerais) and ends at Três Corações (Minas Gerais). There’s about a 170 km and seven hours of race. The arrival is predicted to be at 2 p.m., after the riders pass through Natércia and Lambari.

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Photography credits: Janjão Santiago

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