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Luís Oliveira conquers a perfect season at the EFX Brazilian Cup


On a rainy day, the EFX Brazilian Cup ended the 2017 season on this sunday (22) at Guararema – São Paulo. Among over 100 pilots that ran the last stage of the cup, Luís Oliveira made the great and won the General and Elite categories, unbeaten.

The perfect season of the Honda Racing Enduro Team rider was threatened by his teammate Júlio Ferreira, who started ahead Luís. On the last round, the riders went through three laps of 35km lenght each, with slippery tracks. In the end, Oliveira overcame and got absolut control of the race.

“I always try to give my best and foccus on winning. Today wasn’t easy, because I got a small lesion, but I only had to start the race to win by points”, said Oliveira, who won the EFX trophy for the second time in his career. The first time was at 2017.

publix_1216Luís Oliveira

Júlio Ferreira got the 2nd place at the Elite category.
“At the beginning, I was leading. On the second half of the race I faced some unexpected situations, not a big deal, just some seconds loss”, he stated.

publix_1222Júlio Ferreira

As expected, the Junior category race was really balanced. Vinícius Calafati and Gabriel “Tomate” Soares got an intense rhythm and Vinícius won the race with a 10 seconds advantage.
“I started leading, really confident. I was on one of my best riding days. I did my job and everything I could to conquer the 1st place. I really wanted to win, but I’m haooy with 2nd place. I wanna congratulate Calafati. Hed did an amazing race and deserved to win. Now I’ll train for 2018”, Gabriel said.

publix_1212Gabriel “Tomate” Soares

With a rising phase on the end of the championship, Vinícius Souza surpassed the champion Bruno Martins at the E4 category race.
“It was an ecellent race. There was a lot of rain, but thank God everything ended just fine and I won the day. Now I have to train for the incoming races of 2018”, said Souza. Bruno, Souza’s teammate at the Rinaldi ASW Zanol Team, got his 5th consecutive title at the competition.

efx2_martins_publixVinicius Souza

Washington Caipira conquered the first place at the over 50 category, with an almost 4 minutes advantage.
With some news as the live streaming transmission, the 2017’s EFX Brazilian Cup kept the pioneering tradition of the national enduro genre. New improvements are being planned for 2018.

publix_1230Washington Caipira

“We should keep the six stages system for 2018, but the calendar amy have some surprises, because a lot of cities have been contacting us. The live streaming will have some improvements for 2018”, revealed Fabião Simões, director of the Adrenalina Trail Club, which organizes the EFX Brazilian Cup.

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