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Marcelos Simões drives the Salão Duas Rodas’ crowd crazy


Marcelos Simões drives the Salão Duas Rodas crowd’ crazy

Biggest event of the South America motorcycling industry, the 2017’s edition of the Salão Duas Rodas had all the emotion of the tricks of a brazilian circuit freestyle rider recordist.

The Salão Duas Rodas is the highlight of the country’s motorcycling culture. Every two years, a hundred thousand visitors go to the fair searching gor news that are presented by brands and a lot of entertainment. So, to have the attention of this crowd, Marcelo Simões did his full trick set.

Jumping into an atmosphere full of enthusiasts and press members is an great opportunity. Is the chance to gather new fans around, have an huge space for showing your work and getting to know new sponsoring brands. Knowing that, the performances at the Salão Duas Rodas were really special, or as Simões said: “Simply wild”.

“The match of the riders, crowd and structure of the event was amazing. We got a lot of awesome shows. A lot of sintony between the riders. Awesome technical tricks with huge jumps”, said Marcelo Simões.


The team that diary performed at the Salão Duas Rodas was composed by Marcelo Simões, Diego Djamdijan, Fred Kyrillos, Cyro de Oliveira and the brothers Giancarlo and Gianpaulo Bergamini.

Simões measures the presence of this riding genre on the event as really important. “Is the biggest event of the South America Industry and being part of it is awesome, considering the crowd and the brands that showed up”, he said.

The next compromise of Marcelo Simões will be at Balneário Camboriú (Santa Catarina), for a competition night at the 4th stage of the 2017’s Arena Cross, on december, 02.

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