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ASW riders in the final stretch of the Brazilian Enduro Championship


ASW riders competed this weekend for another stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship. The fifth stage of the Championship took place in Marzagão, on 06/31 and 01/07.

On Saturday, Bruno Crivilin started winning from the start and led the race from end to end, both in the EnduroGP (General) category and in the E1 category. On Sunday, he did no different, despite controlling the pace and dosing the speed.

Vinicius Calafati, who reached the stage two points behind the leader in E2 Category, attacked from the beginning of Saturday and won the stage, taking the lead of the championship. On Sunday he did the same, speeding up since the first special, but due to a fall, had more work to secure the victory.

With the results of the weekend, Rômulo Bottrel remains more leader than ever in the E3 Category, after winning two more victories. Even with a shoulder injury and the demanding tracks, the rider overcame to beat his opponents.

Patrik Capila showed great pace throughout the weekend. In addition to winning the two-day EJ race, for riders up to 23 years old, he got another podium position in the Overall standings. The current leader of the Brazilian Championship in the EJ now has four victories in five raced stages.

In the title fight in one of the categories that has the highest level of contention, Ronald Santi faced some problems over the weekend that may have cost him the victory of the stage. The rider finished the race with one more podium, in the third place.

The next riders’ challenge will be the sixth stage of the Brazilian Championship, which takes place in Farroupilha/RS, on August 04 and 05.

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