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ASW riders at the top of the 4th Stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship


ASW riders at the top of the 4th Stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship

This weekend (june 09 and 10), the 4th Stage of the Brazilian Championship Enduro FIM was held in Aracruz. The race, which marks the end of the first half of the competition, had a roadmap of approximately 48 km and three specials (Cross Test, Extreme Test and Enduro Test). Firm terrain could vary greatly according to the weather conditions.

In a race that was considered of high technical level and with demanding special courses, the riders dominated their categories and they stepped in the podium of the general classification.

The victory of Bruno Crivilin served to break a taboo, since the driver, leader of the championship, had never won at home.

“I managed to win in both days, in my category and in General, I am very happy to maintain the leadership in the championship, but mainly for being my first victory here in Aracruz. Every year something unforeseen happened, but this time everything went 100%. It was very exciting to have all the support of my family, my friends and all the fans here in Aracruz, to see the whole crowd at the edge of the track cheering for me was something that made me very happy.”, celebrated the rider, who now has a great advantage as the leader of the EnduroGP and the General Category.

Vinicius Calafati, who races the championship in the E2 category also celebrated the weekend, with a great result in both days of competition. The rider won the E2 category and was runner-up of EnduroGP (General).

Patrik Capila, who races in the EJ Category, has once again won the two days of competition and is increasingly leading in the standings. In a great weekend, he still conquered the third place in the Category EnduroGP (General).

Rômulo Bottrel also had good reasons to celebrate. The rider, who leads the E3 category, has won two more important victories in the competition in this fourth stage of the season.

For the E4 category, Ronald Santi had hard battles with its competitors throughout the weekend. The most disputed category of the Brazilian had the pilot of Yamaha O2BH Racing conquering the second place in the category in the sum of the two days of competition. With this result, Santi remains in the title fight.

The Moto Litoral team also won great positions this weekend:

• Dudu in 1st in the EA category;
• Diogo in 2nd in the E35 category;
• Felipe in 3rd in the E3 category;
• Tiago in 3rd in the E4 category;
• Vinicius in 3rd place in the EJ category;
• Rodrigo in 3rd place in the E45 category.

The next stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship will take place in Marzagão, Goiás, on June 30 and July 1.

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