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Features and functions

The ASW PODIUM SHIRT is made with a mix of technological fabrics that allows you to keep the air fresh, dry and comfortable. Strategically positioned side panels increase airflow and assist in catch management and capture a regular body temperature. Handles with a light and precisely adjusted finish and extra anatomical comfort.

– Modeling more adjusted to the body, privileging performance and freedom of movement;

– Made of highly elastic microperforated polyester fabric;

– Elastic collar anatomically developed;

– Ventilated fabric panels strategically positioned in areas with thermal wear;

– Quick-drying antimicrobial fabric that helps transport body absorption to the outside of the shirt, facilitating sweat evaporation;

– Sun protection factor 50 + protected your skin even on the sunniest days.

ASW PODIUM PANTS have a pre – curved shape and are adjusted to the body with laser perforations, favoring performance and ensuring comfort while in the riding position. This technical construction, combined with strategically placed elastic panels, provides flexibility and freedom of natural movement while you ride. For strength and longevity, the pants use a sturdy 600D sublimated polyester construction. Natural leather knee panels provide extra protection from heat and abrasion in the most critical areas of wear.

– Fitting Ready Modeling – pre-curved

– Made of sublimated 600D polyester.

– Natural leather knees for resistance to heat and abrasion.

– Technical panels distributed in ventilation, flexibility and protection;

– Compact internal lining with lycra panel;

– Elasticated waist with hypo allergenic silicone application;

– Waist adjustment with micro adjustment.