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Rally dos Sertões – Even after a slam, Ricardo Martins holds to the 3rd position


The Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team rider holds still on the biggest national rally challenge. This wedsneday (23) has Barra do Garças (MT) as it’s destiny.

Aruanã (Goiás, Brazil) – After three days of race, Ricardo Martins is now on the 3rd position of the general category, even after a fall on this tuesday (22). Between Santa Terezinha de Goiás and Aruanã, he went through 307km of hard tracks.

“I started on the 2nd position and got a good rhythm. I could see that Jean Azevedo wasn’t much ahead from me. But on the middle of the track, I fell on a curve and hit my back on a ravine. I got my ribs really hurt and finished the track with a lot of pain”, said Ricardo Martins. “I got examined and there were no fractures. I’m still on the race.”

The last 2 days races were marathon races. That means that the mechanics weren’t allowed to help the riders to fix their bikes. The Rinaldi HE 42 tires guaranteed safety and performance on the 632km track, full of different grounds.
“As usual, these tires made it with no struggle and in the same conditions. I ensure that the rally lovers can trust these tires”, Martins concluded.


Today (23), the riders leave Aruanã and head to Barra das Garças. The 4th stage is 471km long. The arrival of the Rally dos Sertões is set to happen on august, 26, at Bonito (Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil). The sum of the tracks is about 3.300km. The event also has cars, ATVs and UTVs genres.

Motorcycling results – 3rd stage (extra-oficiass)
1st – Jean Azevedo – 3:16:12.99
2nd – Zé Hélio Rodrigues – 3:21:26.22
3rd – Ricardo Martins – 3:23:26.52 – Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team
4th – Gregório Caselani – 3:25:16.64
5th – Mario Marchiori – 3:38:57.32

Resultados Motos – Acumulado após três etapas (extra-oficiais)

1st – Gregório Caselani – 12:13:33.88
2nd- Jean Azevedo – 12:22:33.60
3rd – Ricardo Martins – 12:30:13.77 – Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team
4th – Marco Pereira – 13:09:26.63

Credits: Vinícius Branca/Gustavo Epifânio/Fotop

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