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Rally dos Sertões – Ricardo Martins on the 3rd place


Barra do Garças (Mato Grosso, Brasil) – After four stages of the 25th Rally dos Sertões, Ricardo Martins holds firmly to the 3rd position, according to the extra-official results. The Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team rider completed this wednesday’s (23) route – from Aruanã (GO) to Barra do Garças (MT) – with a lot of struggle. With a huge back pain caused by a slam on the day before, he went through 471 km.

“I had to keep a calmer rhythm, because the pain grows on jumps and track holes. I’m on the 3rd place of the motorcycling’s general category with a huge advantage on the 4th place rider. I hope that tomorrow I’ll be in a better shape, so I can get back to my usual race rhythm”, said Martins, that is having a medical support from the event and got examined at the Barra do Garças Hospital.


The Rinaldi HE 42 tires guaranteed safety and performance on the 632km track, full of different grounds.
“As usual, these tires made it with no struggle and in the same conditions. I ensure that the rally lovers can trust these tires”, Martins concluded.

Motorcycling Results – 4th stage (extra-officials) 
1° – Jean Azevedo – 2:04:04.15
2nd – Gregório Caselani – 2:04:37.82
3rd – Zé Hélio Rodrigues – 2:08:55.23
4th – Bruno Ayrton Leles – 2:14:03.80
5th – Luciano Gomes – 2:15:51.90
9th – Ricardo Martins – 2:18:57.03 – Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team

Motorcycling Results – Sum after 4 stages (extra-officials)

1st – Gregório Caselani – 14:18:11.70
2nd – Jean Azevedo – 14:26:37.75
3rd – Ricardo Martins – 14:49:10.80 – Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team

4th – Marco Pereira – 15:26:41.01
5th – Mario Marchiori – 15:53:38.58

25th Rally dos Sertões:

5th Stage – 08/24 (Thursday)

Barra do Garças (MT) – Coxim (MS)

Credits: Vinícius Branca/Fotop

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