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Rally dos Sertões – Ricardo Martins got the 4th place on the 1st stage


Goaianésia (Goiás, Brazil) – Ricardo Martins started the 2017’s Rally dos Sertões on the 4th place of the motorcycling category, on this sunday (20). The Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team rider overcame his obstacles and completed the 680 km track. Zé Hélio got the 4th place, keeping a podium position.

Classified by the organizers as one of the hardests stages of the 25th edition, the track had many different kinds of grounds. A lot of rocks, trial tracks and rivers. “as I expected, it was a hard and long day”, said Martins, that uses the Rinaldi HE42 tires, built specially for this Racing genre.

“I started at the third place and surpassed Zé Hélio. I got a good rhythm, fighting Gregório Caselani for the leadership, but then I had a problem with the road book support because of the rock session (the equipment broke). It costed me a loto f time to fix it.
I did the best that I could and that’s a lot more ahead”, he said.


The biggest national rally race promises a lot for this monday (21). It’ll be on the marathon format (only the pilots can fix their motrcycles). Also, there’ll be a loto f obstacles. It’ll be a 326 km track, starting at Goianésia and ending at Santa Terezinha (Goiás).

“Keeping a good and safe rhythm it’s my strategy for the marathon”, stated Ricardo Martins.

The finish line of the Rally dos Sertões will happen at Bonito (Mato Grosso do Sul), on august 26.

Motorcycling results– 1st stage

1° – Gregório Caselani – 4:36:15.81
2° – Júlio Zavatti (Bissinho) – 4:54:28.52
3° – Zé Hélio Rodrigues – 4:56:00.61
4° – Ricardo Martins – 4:56:09.53 – Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team
­ 5° – Marco Pereira – 4:58:09.41

Credits: Victor Eleutério/Fotop

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