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Ricardo Martins is runner-up of the Rally Caminhos da Neve 2018


Rain, cold and smooth stone tracks marked the 2018 edition of the Rally Caminhos da Neve, which happened during the weekend – June 30 and July 1 – in the outskirts of the city of Lages, in Serra Catarinense.

Ricardo Martins, from the Yamaha Geração Rinaldi Rally Team, chose to do a cautious race due to the hazards of the course and secured the runner-up of the competition.

“We always want to win, and we got into the race for that, but it was important to be cautious this weekend. The organizers warned from the start about the dangers, and with the Rally dos Sertões approaching, I thought it was okay to take a safe ride. In the second day, with a lot of fog, it was a bit more complicated and I ended up in fourth, guaranteeing the vice in the overall sum. A fair and well organized race. Now, the focus is on Rally dos Sertões.”, says Martins.

The two days of race also resulted in points for the Brazilian Rally Cross-Country – stages 8 and 9. Martins is still in the dispute for the title, in third place.

“I believe that everything will be defined in the five stages of the Brazilian Championship in the Rally dos Sertões. I am still 5 points behind Jean (Azevedo) and now Gregorio (Caselani) is the leader with a 9 point advantage over me. The results at the end of the season and the performance in the Rally dos Sertões will define everything.”, he said.

The Rally dos Sertões is the main event of the Brazilian calendar. The competition will take place between August 18 and 25, starting in Goiânia-GO and ending at Fortaleza-CE.

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