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Safety and style: meet the new ASW Fusion & ASW Core Helmets


The new ASW Fusion helmet is a product that complements the ASW Moto 2019 collection. Recognized for its innovative ventilation system and modern design, the Fusion helmet comes in two new models:

ASW Fusion Glory, with classic style that falls in perfect match with our line of Podium Glory sets.

ASW Brigade, innovating in the relation of matte and gloss painting, with colors ranging from flashy to sober.

• Polycarbonate shell;
• Dual density EPS;
• Ventilated, removable, washable and replaceable pads;
• EPS-coated chin guard;
• Height adjustable visor;
• Wide field of view;
• Approved by Inmetro.

ASW Core Volt

With its innovative design and maximized comfort, the Core Volt helmet is an excellent choice for both new and long-time enthusiasts alike, pleasing both aesthetic tastes due to the five color combinations available: black, red/blue and gray/blue.

• Shell produced in injected ABS;
• Removable and washable liner and pads;
• Height adjustable visor;
• Closure with double rings;
• Reinforcement of EPS in the chin guards;
• Air inlets and outlets;
• Approved by Inmetro.

Classic remains

Due to the high demand, some models of the line 2018 were maintained, since they became classic thanks to the design, graphics and colors.

ASW Concept

Lightweight, ventilated and with the best impact absorption system on the market.

Designed to provide extreme safety, comfort and hygiene, the ASW Concept 2018 helmet is the perfect combination of style and efficiency.

With the award-winning Conehead ™ technology incorporated into its structure, this model reduces the impact strength by at least 20% in cases of accident, as well as dividing the area of ​​pressure exerted on the skull. To make it even more stiff, another three-dimensional multi-density layer is added, which attaches the hull to the styrofoam, making them a single piece.

Commander, with matte finish available in orange/blue and red/fluor colors.

Hyperspace, with gloss finish and available in red and mint colors.

• The ASW concept helmet has the most advanced helmet technology in the world;
• Three-dimensional layer with multiple densities provides great absorption power in case of strong and medium impacts;
• Molded and injected together with the three-dimensional multi-density layer makes the hull and styrofoam a unique and solid piece;
• A lighter helmet with extra protection and high shock absorption for protection.

ASW Image Omega

• ABS hull;
• Dual density EPS;
• Ventilated, removable, washable and replaceable pads and pads;
• Height adjustable blade;
• Two-ring locking jugular tape;
• Excellent angle of view;
• Approved by Inmetro.

ASW Dual

Ideal for trips and day-to-day activities off the dirt tracks.

• ABS hull – visor, differentiated trim for full sealing;
• Adjustable ventilation system for airflow control;
• Ventilated, removable, washable and replaceable pads and pads;
• EPS with double density and EPS queue;
• Removable blade with height adjustment (accompanying finishing pieces);
• Jugular tape with quick coupling;
• Excellent angle of view;
• Approved by Inmetro.

All of the above models, especially the new ones, are available in the best stores on the market.

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