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Sense Factory Racing Team on the Shimano Fest Podium


The Shimano Fest event happened at the Jockey Club (São Paulo), from september 14 to 17. It was a success. Thousands of people, including sector professional, tradesmen, athletes and consumers had the opportunity of knowing the news on the market and enjoy a lot of cultural activities that occured during the event.

Again, the short track competition was the big sensation and three Sense Factory Racing athletes participated on it, conquering great results. The highlight of the team was the multi-champion Rubens Donizete Valeriano, who, with a lot of technique and experience, got the 2nd place on the competition. “Rubinho” (or “R1”) did a safe race, saving energy for the finals.
On the Short Track Finals he did an amazing race. He got the leadership on the last laps and then got the 2nd position.


Another great goal by a Sense Factory Racing Team athlete was the 3rd position of Guilherme Muller on the Shimano Short Track. He started on a bad rhythm and after the second half of tge race, Guilherme got better and even got the leadership for a moment. In the end, the 3rd position is deserved for his effort.

Mario Couto also were a highlight. Very young (only 19 years old), he gave it all that he got. He got the leadership on the first lap and stayed on the front row during the whole race. He got the 6th position on the general category, what represents ans evolution for him.

Mário1 (1)[1]

The Sense Factory Racing team is sponsored by Sense Bikes, LM Bikes, Shimano, DT Swiss, ASW Racing, Vittoria, Sentec, Exceed, SuperB, High One, Richtey, FIZIK, Unimed Divinópolis and the www.pedal.com.br website.

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Credits: Pedro Cury/Marlen Ferreira

General Category results:

1st Luiz Henrique Cocuzzi
2nd Rubinho Valeriano
3rd Guilherme Mullw
4th Sherman Paiva
5th José Gabriel Marques
6th Mário Couto7th Daniel Grossi
8th Wolfgang Soares
9th Ricardo Pscheidt
10th Peterson Neves

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