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Six Days 2017: The Brazilian team finishes in the 8th place


Unprecedented results for the Brazilian team: the 86h place (the best of the team’s history). Bruno Crivilin, Rômulo Bottrel, Gustavo Pellina conquers the gold medal and Diego Colett conquers the silver medal on the 92th Six Days edition.

It’s a new mark on the brazilian off road. After a lot of participations and also hosting the event (2003, Fortaleza – Brazil) the brazilian team got to finish a Six Days competition and get it’s best position ever.

The last racing day was at the city of Briye la Gailard and a motorcycling track was part of the course. The crowd was huge. The track was set besides the padock and the brazilian riders did a safe run, so they wouldn’t risk what they’ve got until then. Using strategy and the advantage that they collected over the past five days, the main objective was to run safe and risk the minimum as possible.

Rômulo Bottrel used all of his career experience and were the most consistent rider, riding safe and with a good rhythm everyday. He leaves France with a job done feeling and the almighty gold medal on his neck.

JS- AGO17 -ISDE 055 Dia 2

“Conquering this gold medal is fantastic! This is my first parcipation on a Six Days championship. I’ve learned a lot here and it’s a tough, hard race. It’s also good being the first of the Brazilian team to finish the race. Next year’s competition will be on Chile. I think we’ll be more prepared.”, said Bottrel.

Bruno Crivilin started the race still on recovery of a rib lesion that he got on the Red Bull Romaniacs Championship. He fell hard twice on the second race day and had to go through the whole event with a lot of pain. Even so, he got really great results and where the best brazilian rider of the race. The golden medal was a dream for him.

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“I’m really happy for this achievement. Completing the Six Days race and with a record position for my country is really awesome. I’m really about earning the gold medal, too. A few people of my country had this achievement and got this medal on their chests. Really, really stoked!
Also, I got to be the fastest of the team, while hurt. I got a really good rhythm for a person that couldn’t practive before the race. This is awesome, because a few weeks before the event, I didn’t know if I would be able to race. When the doctors said that I was able to race, even though I would feel a lot of pain, I felt like doing it became an obligation. I really can’t express how glad I am feeling.”, said Crivilin.

The 8th place it’s a new mark for Brazil. Though, the riders are already setting higher goals. Next year’s Six Days with be on Chile, a closer place for them. Also, they’ll have much more practice time. They are already expecting better results.

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Photography credits: Janjão Santiago

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