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The victory and the second place of the Yamaha O2BH Racing riders in Portugal


Patrik Capila and Luis Oliveira achieved excellent results in the Portuguese league. Now, they practice for the next two stages of the World Cup, Spain and Portugal.

Luis Oliveira and Patrik Capila of Yamaha Racing O2BH achieved excellent results in the Portuguese Enduro Championship. Luís Oliveira, who leads the championship, won again, for the third time in the season, while Patrik Capila won an excellent 2nd place in the E1 – Elite 1 category and a 9th place overall in his first competition out of the country.

The race began with the Portuguese Diogo Ventura taking the initiative in the first stages. But during the competition, the Yamaha O2BH rider grew up and took the test, opening a lead of almost 15 seconds in the final sum of the times.


“It was a very good race, I was able to ride with a lot of confidence. The fight for the leadership was very cool, with a few seconds difference, but in the middle of the race I started to attack more and managed to open a gap that allowed me to control the race.”, said Luis Oliveira, who with the result managed to further extend the advantage in the classification.

Patrik Capila used the race to become familiar with foreign competitions, as on the following weekends he has two World Enduro Championship races in Spain and Portugal.

“Around here is quite different, the weather, the terrain, so I made the choice to go with caution. I really enjoyed. It was a fantastic experience, now I feel more confident and more prepared to face those two events of the World Championship in Spain and Portugal. I know more about what lies ahead.”, said Capila.

Leading the Brazilian Enduro Championship in the Junior category, overcoming the four stages raced so far this season, Patrik felt the difference of the Brazilian tests in relation to the European tests.

Despite the excellent placement, with a Top 10 in general, he felt that it could have gone better, but preferred to save and use the test as an apprenticeship.


“I know I could have done better. I think I could even fight for a general top 5, but preferred to go with more caution, especially after I fell on the Enduro race, which cost me important time, so I decided to go with more caution, but I’m very satisfied with the result, it was a great learning experience.”, concluded the Yamaha O2BH rider.

On the next wednesday, the riders will go to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, where on Friday, Saturday and Sunday they face a stage of the World Enduro Championship. After returning to Portugal, where on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of May it will be disputed a world stage in Castelo Branco.

Photo Credits: Janjão Santiago

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